DeKalb County Fair Presents

DeKalb County Fair

Homemade Ice Cream Contest

Saturday June 29th, 3:00 pm - DeKalb Co. Ag Center

Category & flavor judging will take place once all ice cream is frozen.

Freezer can be hand cranked or electrical

Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, fruit or specialty (butter, pecan, candy bar add-ins, etc.)

Recipes must be printed on an index card with participant's name on BACK and competition number (from entry form) on front right corner, and given to judges at time of judging.

Judges will use numbers only when judging.

All ice cream must be frozen at Fair Grounds. NO EXCEPTIONS Ingredients, salt & serving spoon are the responsibility of the contestant.

The fair will provide ice for all contestants.
The ice cream will be judged on: flavor, texture, and consistency

(how well it's frozen, whether it's creamy, etc.)