DeKalb County Junior Meat Goat Show

Thursday, July 20

DeKalb County Fairgrounds - Alexandria, TN
Show starts at 6:00 pm
Entry Fee: $1.00 per goat
Pay out through 5th place
Doe Kid, Yearling & Market classes

Weigh in Time: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

All trailers are to enter through the livestock entrance. No admission will be charged at this time.

Rules for 2017

Federal Law requires that all goats on exhibition in Tennessee meet USDA regulations as it deals with Scrapie. All goats must have a federally approved scrapie tag permanently attached in its ear or other approved ID. Exhibitors must contact the USDA APHIS office at 615-781-5314 to order their tags. Animals without proper scrapie identifications will not be allowed to exhibit.

Competition is limited to Tennessee youth between the age of 6-18, and must be able handle his/her own animal.

Any meat breed or cross breed of goat can be shown, and all classes will be shown by weight. There is a minimum weight of 30 pounds for all animals showing in this show.

The show will consist of three divisions.

A. Market Goat Division: All animals must have their milk teeth at weigh‑in to show in this division. Whether kids having one or more adult teeth or exhibiting testicular tissue will be dismissed.

B. Doe Kid Division: Doe kids must have their milk teeth at weigh‑in to show in this division. Those having one or more adult teeth will be moved to the Yearling Doe Division.

C. Yearling Doe Division: Yearling does must have at least one adult tooth, but no more than two sets of adult teeth (four adult teeth) to be eligible to show for champion.

No bucks will be allowed in or around the barn. All goats must be polled, disbudded, or have their horns either tipped or cushioned with a material to help prevent injury to the exhibitor.

All goats must have either an ear tag or legible tattoo to be able to show. It is recommended that exhibitors use their USDA Scrapie Tag number as the tag number for all entries. Must have Health Papers on the goat.
All goats must be in the direct control of the youth exhibitor on or before July 1 of the current year. Lease papers must be on file by this date also.

Each exhibitor can enter 5 animals for this show. All goats will be weighed and classified prior to the show and will be divided into classes in their divisions. Any item that comes up at the show that is not covered by these rules will be decided by DeKalb county’s Extension Office members and their decision will be final. Showmanship classes: Pewee, Junior, Junior High, and Senior High.

Additional information call 615-529-4281 or 615-464-5229