General Rules:

  • Contest is open to all ATV’s
  • No alcohol allowed on grounds.
  • DeKalb County Fair reserves the right to accept of deny any or all entries
  • Operator accepts any and all liability and holds DeKalb County Fair Association harmless from any and all loss regarding operation of his/her machine at the event.
  • Each operator must sign a release and waiver agreement
  • All minors must have written consent from parent or guardian to participate
  • ATV’s must be entered by the class of its engine size in ccs.
  • All operators must wear helmets, shirt, pants, and shoes while pulling
  • All operators must operate ATV with restraint and respect for the equipment and persons working pull.
  • No other riding on grounds will to allowed except while pulling.
  • Each weight class will include the weight of machine plus the weight of driver.
  • ATV’s must have working brake, fenders over rear tires, and a spring return throttle (lever or twist).
    Judges decision is final.

Stock Class

  • No engine, suspension or gearing modifications. Exception: ratchet strapped suspension allowed as long as not solidly blocked. Air filter upgrades allowed.
  • No tires with tread bars running the full width of tire.
  • No axle extension or wider offset rims
  • No dual wheels
  • No aftermarket exhausts, spark arrestor may be removed
  • Maximum tire size is 25 x 12 in. unless originally equipped with larger size.

Modified Class

  • Bored out engines, other than factory gears or sprockets, solidly blocked suspensions.
  • Paddle tires
  • Offset wheels, axle extensions,
  • Exhaust, breather kits, etc.
  • Factory engine blocks and chassis only
  • Maximum tire size is 28 x 12